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Genl. Eric Shinseki

Nanotechnology is driving improvements in products and processes across the world, assisting organisations to improve their competitive position.

Typical results achieved

  • 40% reduction in cleaning chemicals and agents
  • 99% of bacteria growth eliminated
  • 45% reduction in energy used for heating and cooling of buildings
  • 50% increase in intervals between cleaning of windows in high rise buildings
  • 45% reduction in cleaning time required
  • 55% less product damage due to thermal shock
  • 30% less water required for cleaning
  • 12 years maintenance free roof covering
  • 34% improvement in wall insulation
  • 28% improvement in glass insulation
  • Drastic reductions in environmental impact

The added benefit of using products less harmful to the environment has not been calculated or included in the results mentioned.

See what can be done to assist your organisation to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve protection against contamination
  • Protect surfaces against bacteria growth
  • Reduce operating costs

***   Opportunities in South Africa and Africa   ***

  • Many buildings are not properly insulated - coating with correct Nano based products can provide improved insulation thereby reducing energy required to maintain required temperature.

  • Improvement in working environment and quality of life is possible through improved heat management and cleaner surfaces.

  • Reduced use of harsh chemicals lessens the impact on the water treatment facilities and the environment.

  • Protection of valuable buildings against graffiti and contamination through pollution can be achieved and will last for a number of years.

  • Reducing the electricity demand by reducing heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter through improved insulation will create benefits for a number of years without any further investment

  • Extending the economic life of assets through improved protection against wear will reduce the cost of rehabilitation and replacement, whilst improving availability.

  • Reducing the cost of maintenance through improved protection and longer intervals between cleaning will have a positive impact on unit costs and utilisation.

  • Improving health care through reduction in bacterial growth and reducing cost of treatment can assist in keeping costs down and improving affordability.

  • Creating sustainable business opportunities for the distribution and application of products to all communities and the provision of cleaning services will add to economic empowerment.

Adopting innovation to remain relevant
Uses for Nano coatings

Nano technology based coatings can be applied to roofs and walls of buildings to improve insulation

By improving insulation through thin coatings energy will be conserved and substrate protected against thermal shock

Insulating coatings will protect the substrate against thermal shock and reduce maintenance requirements

Protecting surfaces against bacteria growth with liquid glass nano coatings can improve health care

Scratching of surfaces can be significantly reduced by a liquid glass coating

Soiling, staining and contamination of substrates can be prevented through liquid glass coatings

Harmful chemical usage can be reduced through the easy cleaning effect of protective coatings

Reduce friction, galling, seizing and cold welding in equipment with Nano Fullerene enhanced lubricants

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